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Tadalafil as a way of treating Duchenne muscular dystrophy

Medical staff focuses solely on brining you the latest, most comprehensive information regarding neurological issues.

Today we’re going to talk about Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD). Let’s give you a very brief rundown first. DMD is a rare neurological illness diagnosed in childhood, it occurs roughly one time in every 3500 male births. It can also happen in females, but it’s far less likely. This illness is a fatal genetic disorder, its progression leads to serious health issues, life expectancy for DMD patients is approximately 25 years old. There are several early symptoms of this illness, including clumsiness, sluggishness, enlarged and overdeveloped muscles, along with learning difficulties.

From the age of 10 to the age of 14, the symptoms start becoming more severe, they now include – fast deterioration of walking ability, all activities require assistance, scoliosis development, along with life-threatening respiratory conditions and cardiovascular conditions. There’s no known cure established for the illness, but there are some promising developments happening right now, that’s the main thing we wanted to bring up in our brief article.

Latest research shows that anti-ED medications (such as Tadalafil) can be effective when it comes to making the patient more comfortable and slowing down the muscle deterioration. In a research conducted by The Smidt Heart Institute, it was found that even a small dose (0.3mg/kg) of erectile dysfunction drugs can partially restore blood supply to exercising muscles. Potentially, these properties can delay the onset of the most devastating effects of DMD.

Nevertheless, the research is still ongoing, so it remains to be seen how effective this treatment may be in the long run. So far, all signs point to it possibly extending the lifespan of DMD patients, yet there’s no denying the fact that further investigation is needed. The research is now entering randomized Phase III clinical trial to further determine how effective this kind of treatment may be.

One More Surprising Benefit of Treating Spine and Neurological Issues

treating spine and neurological issuesWe live in the world where some people accept spine and neurological issues as their bane, for the lack of a better term. They opt out to not undergo a treatment, they just accept their agonizing state of near-constant pain. We think that chronic pain is not something you should endure every single day, it’s something that should be either eliminated entirely or alleviated.

We focus on neurological, skeletal, and muscular injuries/illnesses. They are incredibly easy to misdiagnose, that’s why we have a team of highly qualified specialists. The subject of today’s article is an issue not many people talk openly about. You see, when someone is suffering from a neurological or spinal issue, the chances are, he or she is also suffering from sexual dysfunction.

Sure, there are many ways of treating both erectile dysfunction and female sexual dysfunction, as well. ED can be cured with pills, self-injections, urethral therapy and testosterone replacement. FSD can be cured with estrogen therapy, androgen therapy, along with more or less the same types of medications that male patients use – Viagra for women or female Viagra. All of the above-mentioned are effective, the odds of making a complete recovery vary from case to case, but you can’t deny that these methods are effective.

Nevertheless, we would like to point out that nothing is as effective as taking care of the root cause. Oftentimes, sexual inadequacy is caused by neurological issues. We treat these issues to the best of our abilities. As a result, our patients are always able to get their sex life back on track, no matter what.

If you think that your sexual issues are caused by your illness, don’t be afraid to bring that up. We will take extra steps in order to ensure your total and complete recovery on all fronts. In conclusion, we would like to mention the following – we provide treatment for everyone who’s looking for a safe, convenient and effective way to alleviate the chronic pain. We are very proud of our accomplishments and our top-tier specialists.